Course: Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)

Dear Partners,

We are happy to inform you that USHRA recommences running a course preparing to pass the state exam for the CPC according to the new rules from 2012. The state exam CPC is essential for obtaining the permission for commercial road transport and licence for domestic and international commercial road transport of goods and persons.

The course is designed for future entrepreneurs, managers or forwarders employed in transport, logistics and forwarding companies.

The course is followed by a state exam conducted in Katowice in the Examination Centre of the Motor Transport Institute which consists of a multiple choice test and a task solving part.

The topic of the course encompasses eight modules:

  • civil law
  • trade law
  • social law
  • tax law
  • business activity and managing the company’s finances
  • access to the professional
  • technical standards
  • technical aspects of business activity
  • road safety

Our Staff

  • expert on road transport
  • certified instructor holding accreditation of professional qualifications in the area of courses for the road transport industry issued by IRU Academy (International Road Transport Academy)
  • a long standing member of the examination board of the state exam for the CPC in Motor Transport Institute
  • lecturer at the Faculty of Transport at the Higher School of Technology and Economics in Szczecin,
  • work experience supported with running a transport company and direct managing in companies of the transport, forwarding, logistics industry.

What’s great about us:

  • The course is conducted with the state exam in mind
  • The course focuses on practical knowledge which you will be able to use in everyday work situations
  • High exam pass rate among the participants of the courses conducted by our instructor/lecturer
  • professionally edited and user friendly teaching materials
  • Lecturers are specialist in the road transport industry, law and finances
  • Low price and engaging form of the course

In order to apply for the CPC course, please contact us: 0048322530081